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another senator's views

Nobody else has posted anything about those running for Senate or Representative. In fact it would be good to have any other entry at all except by me. Is this thing on?


Yeah good ol' Joe Miller in Alaska.

MADDOW: Do you think there should be a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?

MILLER: That’s up to the people. If you got a 3/4 vote ratified, I’d vote for it.

This sadly, really isn't that different from a lot of other Republicans, especially so-called tea party Republicans running for office this time around. I don't see anything wrong with being a Republican, I used to be one, I don't demonize them - I think the idea of smaller government is a viable one, and I agree with a lot of their stuff. But, the party still seems to be perfectly content hitching their wagon to the most extreme, religious fundamentalist fringe who want to basically roll back civil rights in a variety of areas for women and LGBT especially. As a party, they've wanted multiple individual State's platforms to include making it a criminal offense for anyone who even marries same-sex couples.

This type of thing cannot be ignored by any LGBT people or their allies. This is not business as usual. If you're angry about the lack of movement toward our rights from the Democrats over the last two years, I am too. But not voting to 'send a message' I think a lot of us need to rethink that logic. We're going to be screwed if a good number of whackjobs like Miller get into office, and quite frankly he's poised to be, since his Republican opponent is a write-in and the Democratic opponent is trailing but catching up. If he had another 2 weeks, he'd be in the clear, but we don't have two weeks!!! That's the point.



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